Monday, March 16, 2009

I, J, K, L...

I have been planning on making filled eggs as an Easter calendar for my hubby. I plan to make paper eggs with papier mache, 12 of them, and then decorate them nicely and fill them with stuff, like whimsy jars.

I planned on making in each a decorated matchbox filled with stuff, and found about matchbook crafts: there's needle matchbook, mint matchbook, "wedding mini matchbook" and matchbook album. Here's matchbook notebook, and one can put almost anything in matchbooks. If you can't find emery board matchbook, you can make your own with "normal size" emery boards, just cut them in right size and staple them in place. If you want to, you can sew with sewing machine (no thread) over the... what ever you have in it, to create perforation for easy ripping. :-)
(You can create perforation for any paper like this.)

Here's "By the Sea" afghan with interesting knitting stitch. Would work nicely for scarfs.

Then to the National Crochet Month Crochet-A-Long

I is for Insect.
- Crochet spider
- big fuzzy spider toy
- Afghan stitch butterfly afghan
- Ladybug beret and scarf
- Little crocheted ladybug
- ladybug appliques - with ideas
- "creepy crawlies" - ant and 2 spiders
- amigurumi love bugs... just give them another pair of legs, will you?

J is for Jam.
- "Freshly baked potholder"

K is for Knowledge.
- Crochet how to's...
- list of different crochet stitches
- Annie's Attic crochet tutorials

L is for Leaves.
- Crochet leaves
- Falling leaves applique
- Crochet autumn leaves
- Maiden's glory
- Holiday leaves

The Tikkun Tree

You could also just spell the word... crochet letters

I just love these "mop top mascots" :-)

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