Monday, March 23, 2009

Project Spectrum

Lolly Knitting Around just keeps keeping up the Project Spectrum. This year it's bi-monthly and the main theme is "cardinal directions". For March-April the theme is green, North, winter and stones. The creativity is free, which means, you can take any of the words and run with it, you can create one or twenty projects, and do what ever you like.

I made a Flickr mosaic of some green inspiration... as if I need any inspiration LOL I just love looking for it and getting inspired ;-)

But - if I was as productive as I wish I was, I would do something green with all the techniques I like, and try a couple of new ones, and combine and then empty a little my stash and my pattern stash too ;-) So -I would make green socks, green lace and green jewelry.
I would experiment with green polymer clay.
I would try the fabric art miniatures and do it with paper too. Like inchies and ATCs.
I would make green art, fabric art, sculptures and calligraphy.
I would make green origami stars and cranes - or something else.
I would make myself a green blank journal and fill it with "green" stuff, ecological, nature protection and such. And another about relaxation and inner peace and serenity.
I would make myself a charm bracelet like Inspirational's Catholic bracelets, but with ecological theme.
I would make a green ecological shrine in a cigar box and an altered book, and an altered matchbox and stuff it with green things.
I would make a fabric covered box, pin cushion, needle case, and scissor fob, and what not.
I would make myself a little curiosity cabinet filled with pretty, green things. Interesting, fascinating, puzzling, surprising, amazing and exciting things.
I would make a green whimsy jar.
I would make myself bags, pouches, sachets and stuff. I like those.
I would embroider myself a dress, or at least some accessories.
I would make myself a green outfit, green and self-made from top to toe.
I would make myself a couple of green pillows and green quilts. I would make myself a green crazy quilt. I would make myself a green granny square style afghan.
I would organize a green tea party.
I'd make myself a free crochet play garden and a fairy house...
I would crochet trees and make leaves and doves for project Tikkun Tree.
I would crochet amigurumis, like the chameleon.
I would sew dolls of green patchwork cotton.
I would weave things... probably a tapestry with spring theme... birds, squirrels, greenery, such. There's also a scarf weaving challenge going on... at least I think it's still on.
I would make a green man. Crochet leaves, or make them of paper... 3D embossed leaves. Nice. :-)
I would practice painting malachite on boxes and get myself a collection of malachite boxes :-)
I would make a peacock fan and a peacock costume.
I would decorate a room green.
I would try to make a copy of Ann Wood's votive ship.
I would make myself the green dragon pelt with papier mache skull and teeth and claws I have been thinking of for 20 years now. (I wrote a story about some children who went to a witch's house and there were all these rooms in different colors, with different themes, and one of them was a green dragon room with a dragon pelt. A real dragon pelt. Obviously, I'm not going to have a real one, so I thought of how I could get a fake one, and I thought of green fur, like rya, and papier mache skull...
And then something more. Perhaps. If I get inspired and have time ;-)

A big problem to me is the limits on materials and resources. I cannot just walk to the closest store and buy what I need, crafting materials are really expensive here (at least, I haven't found a cheap place to buy crafting materials from. Even second hand stores, charity shops and such are expensive. I haven't ever seen a carage sale. There's some flee markets, but I don't know where they are - and they aren't too cheap either. I haven't seen a dollar store since last millennium, and they didn't have much.

Another big problem is that I have this horrible fix idea, about not doing things that are not necessary, useful, needed, wanted, asked for... I really don't want to clutter the already filled household with ATCs, scrapbooks, fiber sculptures, fairy houses, shrines and dragon pelts. We just don't have any room for it. I could be doing something useful, necessary, like linen, table cloths, curtains, couch cover, cushions and such, but I can't do that with the material I have an easy access to... cardboard, newspapers and flour wallpaper paste, salt dough and water colors. The yarns I inherited aren't compatible enough to create things like afghans and cushions, and the colors aren't my colors. I don't like blue, lavender, old rose, purple and browns. I would like to have young rose, aqua, teal, green, red, colors of a peacock and phoenix, oriental nights, gold and fireworks.
And... this curse is double-bladed... the other blade is "not to spend money on new materials before the old is used".


I suppose I could organize a give-away, and give away all the stuff I make, which would be of wrong color to my liking, or too frivolous. There the problem is - again - money. I'd rather use the money to buy some materials to do something for me, than to pay the Swedish post the headless fees they want to transport packages.
I could sell my stuff, but I don't believe anyone would want to buy anything I make. If they want it, they will make it themselves, like I do.

So... I'll solve it somehow. Now I HAVE TO go and clean the kitchen. I have managed to procrastinate that for three weeks now, and all I do with procrastinating is worry about the thing while nothing gets done. I wish I won in some weird lottery and someone came and cleaned my house for me LOL (Without touching the clutter, of course... ;-))

And last, a political rant.
Don't read on if you don't want to have anything to do with politics and ranting :-)

I was looking for inspiration for Project Spectrum - Green - and searched Flickr with "green jewelry" - for some reason the -elry part fell off the search words and resulted in "Green Jew". The first picture that pops up with that search word is a Palestinian woman crying at the wall. Or I don't know if she is crying, "they" say she is, but "they" say a lot of things that aren't true. Now, what has this picture to do with green and Jews? Absolutely nothing.
But the person who posted the picture also posted a lengthy article where he spouts his antisemitism all over the place. The Jewish people did this and that, the Jews are racists, the Jews, the Jews, Zionism, "Racism is the lifeblood of Israel", "Jews the superior people"... you get the idea. I told the person that before he learns to say what he has to say without speaking of people's ethnicity, he's a racist too. In Israel-Palestine situation the problem is the government of Israel and its decisions - call those racist if you wish, but when you start saying things like "Jews believe they are superior to everyone else because they are God's Chosen People", you are just being an antisemite. The person also mentioned the "Green Line". So the picture pops up as "most interesting" photo connected to "Green jew"... I'm sorry, but that is offensive!

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