Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Why is it...

...that other people's "to do lists" seem to be easier to "do"?
For example "replace make-up collection". Sounds like an easy thing to do. Just whack out what you have and go to your favorite store and buy new ones.
But - what if one doesn't have money?
What if one has social anxiety disorder, like I do?
One would think it's the easiest thing in the world to take a bus to the library, huh? No, it's not.

Part on my 101 things list is to make a toy and drop it somewhere in town for someone to find.
I have found several free and nice, cute, small toy patterns I'm planning on doing:

Miuku the cat
Ana Paula's Bear and honey pot
Amigurumi girl's Zoe Lily-Belle
Pepperberry's Snowbunny
Brenda Solis' dog babies
Crochet Kitten's traveling Righley pug
Kat's chihuahua
Bitty babies
Knittycat's wee lambies
Captain Cute the Pirateddy
... or maybe not. But those are very nice :-)

Then I found this Amigurumiartist's blog - you can order the patterns from her personally... such details! Not for drop but I might want to make myself an owl and hubby a dragon, and some other things there were pretty amazing too...

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