Monday, March 02, 2009

National Crochet Month

It's obviously the national crochet month in United States. No reason why others can't join the fun ;-)

A cut version of the CGOAs newsletter:


Get hooked and celebrate National Crochet Month in March with the Crochet
Guild of America (CGOA).

How to celebrate National Crochet Month:

*Crochet something every day

*Crochet something for charity.
- American charities that accept crocheted things.

Here in Sweden the easiest is to crochet something and give it to a charity shop so that they can sell it and use the money to what ever they need money for... Yes, unfortunately. This was the answer I got when I asked the Red Cross if they accept woolen things to be taken to Afghanistan to help people fight the cold. :-> So either I make things and send them to USA to be taken to Afghanistan, or I let Swedish people buy them from Red Cross' charity shop, so that the Swedish Red Cross can buy woolen things and take to Afghanistan - if they request it.
Then there is "hjälpstickan". I suppose they accept crocheted things too.
In Sweden there is no "hjälpjösse", but it's not hard to crochet one (it's not rocket science to change the knitting pattern into crochet pattern.) and send it to Finland's Red Cross. I think there are people out there who accept things they are personally taking to places where they are needed... I used to belong to a toy group at Yahoo! where someone was taking toys to east; Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania... but I'm really badly informed about this.

*Teach someone to crochet.
- crochet lessons for right handed people
- crochet lessons for left handed people

*Learn a new stitch or technique.

Youtube is full of instruction videos about how to crochet and how to crochet different techniques.

*Wear your crochet creations.

*Prepare an exhibit.

The internet is full of free projects, bigger and smaller.

I finished a little heart bag yesterday. Now I only need to get it lined and add a zipper to it.
I didn't make it of "Alaska" and "Vivaldi", but of thin cotton, so it's not a big bag, just a little pocket, perfect for carrying your purse, keys and a couple of netbags when you need to go shopping :-)

crochet net crocery bag
crochet ticker band net bag
recycled net market bag
"Rust goes green" net tote bag
summer market bag
Go Green market bag
Provence crocheted market bag

Crochet a couple of bags too many and give them away at the grocery shop to people who don't have any. ;-)

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