Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Today I'm going to...

crochet some wrist warmers. I found this nice book from the library "Tid att virka" (Time to crochet), written by a Swedish woman (Marianne Gullberg) who thought the crochet has been pushed out of the popularity for no reason - that most people see crochet as something dull and old-fashioned, doilies and acrylic potholders, things made with disgusting yarn, awful colors and with no good form or fit what so ever. (What Not to Crochet and You Crocheted WHAT?!)
She and her fellow crocheters designed nice patterns for crochet, with good yarns, colors and models. Now, the book is from 90's so it's slightly influenced by that fashion - geometric, simple colors and so - but I think the patterns and ideas are great and plan on doing things from the book.

I like these spiral mittens by He Knits n' Spins - even though they aren't crocheted ;-)
Knitted Cupcake gives a pattern to crocheted tulips - very nice in springtime :-)
I love these Baba Yaga houses
Here's a knitted grumpasaurus I might consider making for the toy drop
Here's the Secret Corridor
and here's crocheted jar jackets - Attic 24 is absolutely lovely! Brightens up my day every time I go there :-)

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