Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thoughts on crochet and links

E is for Eating
-I have posted recipes to a teaparty with lots of fiber and no fat or carbs at all :-)

F is for Fragrance
-Sweet scent potpourri sachet
-Potpourri pouch
-Potpourri rose
-Fan shaped potpourri sachet
-Fragrant Frock - sachet
-Lemon burst sachet
-potpourri heart
-soap or potpourri sachets
-Sweet dreams sachet

G is for Ground

Ground? I was thinking of ground, soil, land, garden, farmland
Hyperbolic cactus garden
I was thinking of the grounds of crochet
Someone suggested coffee grounds... brown is not bad for ground ;-)
But I'd really want to make a play-farm, with gardens and soil and animals and dolls and tractor and all... So far I have only seen a knitted version.

H is for Honey
- Honey panta - I find the word "panta" funny - because it's Finnish! Dog collars are "panta", headbands are "panta"... I suppose it comes from the same origin, and means a strip of fabric or something like that in some Romanic language.
- This is Maggie Weldon's Honey Bee Kitchen Set (no, it's not a free pattern, but it's cute)
- Amigurumi bear and pot of honey. It really is so CUTE!
- honeycomb lattice stitch and a bag made with it
- crochet mesh stitches, among others honeycomb mesh

When we are now talking about honey, here's Hilary Berseth's honeybee art... pretty amazing...
Here's Doris' crocheted hat... getting inspired?


I think I have mentioned Sew, Mama, Sew! Blog's "The Ultimate Handmade Holidays' Master List" with 30 tutorials for November so that you can create 30 Yule presents to those you want to give presents. I think it's very inspiring... I wish there was something like that for... hmm... It's March so it's a bit early to think about the Yule presents, but there are always reasons to give people presents. Like 31 days of March + National Crochet Month = 31 gifts to give to people for a reason or no reason at all :-)


The Counterfeit project - crochet your own "designer" bags

I really love this sculptural crochet specimen sampler

Cutest crocheted coin purse

I love this crocheted basket

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