Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some ideas:

Crochet moebius scarf. If you don't like to crochet, you can knit it as well.

Create Needlepoint - Barbara Bergsten design

Embroidered paperweight

You can also use linen or other such fabric, cut rough stone forms with at least an inch for seams (the thickness of your stone) and sew them together on the stone. It isn't rocket science, you know.
You can also stitch one piece of fabric on the stone and cover the stitches with another piece of fabric.

I love embroidery and find this site very interesting:
They have also free sampler patterns

Dragonfairiee has some interesting crochet patterns. Among others a pretty hat and wrist warmers. I have finished my hat and I am crocheting mittens. I wonder if I manage to finish them before the spring has arrived LOL The great tits (parus major, talitintti, a bird - nothing to do with any other definitions of the words...) are singing in the trees outside our windows and snow is melting all around... In a month there will be flowers, grass, leaves in trees... or at least the barely visible promise of greenery :-)

Knotions' and Popknits' spring issue has been published - some interesting things there too.
Here's Let's Knit, a British knitting ezine.
Busymitts is a bit like Ravelry, but for crafters, not just knitters and crocheters.
Don't forget Tejemanejes, Knit on the Net, Black Purl, Craft Stylish Twist Collective, Crochet Me and AntiCraft (and Ullaneule, if you know Finnish.)

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