Tuesday, March 24, 2009


V is for Variety, W is for Worm and X is for Xanadu

I have been watching the "world's worst music video". The singer on the video tries to defend it, or himself or what ever. "It shouldn't be in English, the original was in Finnish (and...?), it wasn't meant to be a video but an opening number for the singers' tv show (so... one might actually expect it to be BETTER than a music video.); so it can't compete with modern music videos; and finally - the dance moves are copied from John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever. Poor John.
I love this version of it, anyway :-D Guys learned it during one afternoon! Well done, boys!

Coming from this makes me think of the movie Xanadu with Olivia Newton John. Really... not much better, don't you think? As you know, on Olympos the muses rollerskate around all days along...

But I think I take Coleridge's version.I think it's interesting that all this came to him in a dream, and there was a lot more, but he was interrupted, went on doing something else, and forgot the rest. ADHD?

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