Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I should be posting photos...

but I'm procrastinating... taking the photos. My sister visited us last weekend, and I showed her almost everything I had made, so there really isn't any good reason to why not take and post photos... on the other hand, nothing happens for no reason. There most certainly IS a good reason for me to procrastinate taking the photos, otherwise I'd taken the photos already. Usually people procrastinate to deal with the stress, so I suppose the "should" in the head line is the good reason for not to take photos and post them, huh?

I have been reading books lately. One positive thing from the 101 things list. I really love reading and writing and books, and I have all the books in the world at my fingertips, so I don't understand why I rather choose to watch some stupid, mindless, boring tv-shows, than reading my good books. But since February I have been reading books. :-) I have finished a couple I started some years ago, a couple from my "to read" list, and I'm actually very pleased with myself :-D

Now, Elizabeth at Vestige posted this wonderful sewing kit box. Sure, its target group is men, but I don't see any reason why only men could enjoy that. She also posted this "Writer's Block Kit"... I might need one. Though I really don't have writer's block. I'm just procrastinating - that too :-D

Miri posted her idea of a wishing well (or jar) at home.

Erika posted a pattern of crocheted love bunnies and some chilis :-)

Now, do you remember that I posted about the 25 motif challenge? (I actually did that twice, first in "Procrastinating in the internet - again" and then in "Imbolc calendar day 31")

So - what to do with the hundreds of motifs you create?
1) make a mobile
2) join them into a bigger thing with Irish crochet. Hankering for yarn had a "butterfly bag crochet along" some time ago - it's not there anymore - but she made different motifs of different yarns and colors and connected them together into a little envelope clutch. You could do something similar with your motifs. Perhaps join them together into a shawl or afghan, or shopping tote?
3) make them into ornaments or fridgies
4) sew them on things as decoration

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Miri said...

thanks for linking to me,i really like your blog :)