Sunday, March 22, 2009

U is for underground...

and I'm sad again. *sigh* So fitting.

Easter is coming closer... yesterday was Ostara, Spring Equinox, in two or three weeks will be Pesach and Easter is couple of days later. I plan on making a suprise egg calendar to my hubby, but trying to find ideas I see the Easter baskets from the swap a year ago, and get reminded... *sigh*
It's really hard to get over it.

Thanks to the wonderful Debra and Terri, I "won" a little something (not so little... well... the package was little, but the joy was huge :-D) at OWOH, but I still keep bothering about the darned Easter basket.

Uh. Pois-pois-poissa!

Here's a pattern for "crocheted Passover yarmulke" or kippah as we call them here. Those I can make for my hubby, put one in each egg, and he'll be happy :-) He isn't too fond of the "classic" model, he prefers beanies, but those aren't too hard to crochet either. Or knit.

I found this nice "button showcase doily" - would be nice to showcase other buttons too. Or make it black to showcase orange buttons in Samhain, or green to showcase tiny eggs for Ostara...

I love this Valentine's Wand. You could crochet a daffodil to adorn it for Easter.
(Here's a daffodil afghan - you crochet the daffodils separately, which means you can use them to decorate anything...)
I love this daffodil pencil too :-)

Hubby likes daisies... he says they look honest flowers, not so posh, fancy and pompous as roses, peonies, poppies and other flowers I like :-)

PurlBee's hilarious Easter finger puppets :-) (Not hard to translate into crochet, but if you feel uncertain, here's a list of other crocheted finger puppets :-)

You could make the characters for a finger puppet play... with the theme "Underground" - you could reenact the story of Persephone, who has been under ground now the whole winter and has emerged and how her mother Demeter will adorn everything with flowers and pretty things to welcome her daughter :-)

Or you could crochet earth worms.

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Miri said...

yes,pessach,don't remind me! all the cleaning i will haev to do, all the cooking & then a move to a new house,how will it all fit in! oh my, oh my.