Saturday, March 21, 2009

T is for taste and touch

I wonder how you could crochet something with taste... perhaps crocheting liquorice string?

Crocheting something for touch... I think about the crocheted farm, with different 3-D stitches, raised stitches, bobbles and others, to form cabbage path and other crops... And to use different kinds of yarn, paper, jelly, mohair, cut plastic bag strips etc. One could make a sort of "memory", "touchy", with two squares of each material put into a bag and lifted up together by touch...

Anyway, Kristin La Flamme has published a tutorial challenge in her blog with a HUGE list of tutorials and tutorial lists around the internet. I find it very inspiring, but my "to do"-list is already miles long, so I better stay away from the list.

I also found Tiffany Threadgould's plastic bottle craft ideas fascinating. If you don't have enough bottle caps of "right" color, you can always cover them with crochet or other material.
Here's the cutest little bottle cap pin cushions. It would be a joy to play with pieces like that :-)

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