Saturday, March 14, 2009

NatCroMo CAL

I was trying to find this kind of stuff two weeks ago... but better late than never. It is quite probable that she'll do it next year as well, and then we'll be prepared, huh? I doubt that LOL

NatCroMo CAL 2009
NatCroMo CAL 2008 - not bad ideas there either

Now, it is SUPPOSED to be freeform crochet - an exercise in freeform crochet, to allow people to let loose of their preconceived notions and fears and just crochet and see what they end up with.

Nevertheless, here's a couple of apple patterns:
apple chips - in Annie's Attic free patterns was a tableset in this style - these would fit nicely
apple fridgie 1 and 2
apple potholder 1 and 2
crocheted apple
apple tote
apple string or yarn holder
crocheted filigree apple
apple and worm finger puppet
basket of applet bag holder
apple pencil holder

B is for Blossom
crocheted apple blossom - no image
apple blossom edging - really pretty
apple blossom shawl from The Inside Loop

C is for Crabs
crabstitch tutorial
cute little lobster (grayfish looks like minilobster and is called "rapu" in Finnish - the same word is used for crabs.)
happy crab animal toy
cancer kitten (horoscope sign, not the illness)

D is for Drop
crochet drop stitch
crocheted rain drop
miss Pink (Pee) - I really don't get that... crocheted toiletpaper, poo, pee... Why? But the bag is drop formed.
Dainty drop formed earrings

BTW, I find these lace jewelry frames fascinating... the color combinations and choice of frames is a little odd, but - hey, it's a free world.

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