Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last rush

Crochet hamsa
Give Peace a Chance knitted bomber hat
Crocheted peace symbol stick barret - or eye. Or what ever you want.
Peace blanket - knit or crochet - and peace jacket.
Knitted and felted brainwash bag
Living Crafts patterns - I was especially thinking about the crocheted crown, but the other patterns are quite nice too. I love the vacuum cleaner hose cover... :-)
Recycle soda bottles into a coin purse (You can use it as something else too.)

The National Crochet Month's Crochet-A-Long's themes for March 13.-16.

M is for Mould

Yeah... you can decide if you want to make this mean the fungus or the form.
So here's shaping and blocking instructions - you can make pretty fantastic things by starching the crochet and molding it.
Here's Bonnie's Free Form Crochet tutorial. The fuzzier yarn and abstract "design" you use, the more moldy is the result.

N is for Night

Free star crochet patterns
Crochet a crescent moon shape
Twinkle twinkle - crochet moon and star cushion
This is about what I had in mind... free form crochet circle in different white, grey and silver shades...

O is for Orange

Again, it could be the color or the fruit.
Here's orange slices. Otherwise, oranges are basically round and orange...

P is for Peel
I am pretty sure I have seen somewhere a crocheted orange that was partially peeled... with the peel coiling off the fruit... very pretty. Of course, I can't find it now. But here's "tutti frutti dragon" with orange peel tail.

Make a chain to any length. Crochet any stitch (single, half double, double or triple) back along chain – working 2 or more sts in each chain to make it curl. When you reach beginning of chain, chain again to same or a different length and repeat to make additional corkscrews.

From Lion Brand's "pattern for hyberbole coral reef"

My sister got once a towel from her friend. It was yellow terrycloth with embroidered red rose and orange corkscrew fringe and I love it :-) The color combination is horrendous, but the corkscrew fringe... I love fringes and tassels anyway :-D (Besides, it was very nicely done and makes me feel very feminine, with the rose and fringe and yellow terrycloth...)
I think I'm going to knit or crochet some lace edging to my bath towels...

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